Expansion Nike distribution centre Laakdal

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The Nike distribution centre in Laakdal, Belgium, is the logistical hub of Nike EMEA where all logistical activities are coordinated between 700 factories and 25,000 customers.

To centralise and expand its activities, VBR Nike Europe Holding decided to extend its Customer Service Centre by adding a new building for storing and handling equipment.

The project comprised an automated high warehouse for storing goods, a low warehouse across three floors for handling goods, an office block with social amenities, a technical block with offices and technical facilities. The focus was entirely on using sustainable materials and energy-efficient operations in order to restrict the installations’ energy consumption and make them as efficient as possible.

This building won the IPB-Challenge 2007 for most innovative, sustainable industrial building. Within the Nike organisation, the new building is used as a role model for future sustainable construction projects.

Client VBR Nike Europe Holding
Emplacement Nike Employee Store Laakdal, Nikelaan, Laakdal, Belgium
Période 2005-2012

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