Mantaro Hydroelectric Complex Modernisation

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Mantaro Hydroelectric Complex, located in the region of Huancavelica, began its operations in 1973, and includes installations of Tablachaca Reservoir located in the town of Quichua, with dam capacity of 8 million m3. There the water from the river Mantaro is stored, and through a tunnel of 19,8 km derived the waters to the turbines of the seven generators of the 798 MW Santiago Antunez de Mayolo Hydroelectric Power Plant . The water is conducted by a waterfall at three turbines of 210 MW capacity of the Restitution Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Client Electroperu
Emplacement Mantaro River, Peru
Période 2015-2017
Capacité 1,008 MW

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Réhabilitation et modernisation de centrales hydroélectriques Grands aménagements hydroélectriques